Fred Frith Trio tech rider
(from August 2017, all previous riders invalid)


Fred Frith



1 x Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier
with a box, chair or table to raise the amp height
1 x guitar stand
1 x small table
1 x 230v power source near playing position


Jason Hoopes



1 x Gallien-Krueger (GK) 1001RB amp
with appropriate Speakon speaker cables (2), both at least 2-meters long.
1 – GK 4×10 speaker cab
1 – GK 1×15 speaker cab
1 x 230v power source near playing position


Jordan Glenn



4 piece kit
1 x 14″ snare
1 x 12″ rack tom
1 x 14″ floor tom
1 x 20″ bass drum
3 x cymbal stands (one boom stand!)
1 x hi-hat stand
DW or Yamaha bass drum pedal
*Remo Coated Ambassador heads on snare and toms
*Remo Coated Power-stroke on bass drum (beater side)

Fred Frith SOLO Technical Rider (from 06/16)
(all previous riders invalid)


Option One (preferred)


Whenever possible I prefer to go direct into the PA system via 2 direct boxes. This requires a full range stereo PA system in excellent working order (including subwoofers) with two high quality monitors and an hour of uninterrupted time for sound-check. If there’s any doubt, you can mail me the PA specs and I’ll decide if it will work.
1 x Shure SM58 or equivalent for voice
Monitors must be stereo and have a reverb option for the voice



Option two


2 X Fender “Hot Rod Deluxe” or “Blues Deluxe” guitar amps
(Other options °may° be possible (like the new white label Twin reverbs) but PLEASE NO Blue label Twin Reverb amps, whether reconditioned or not) If in doubt please get in touch.
(The above amplifiers should be in good working order, with no extraneous buzzes or hums, and furnished with spare fuses and tubes (valves/lampes) in case of problems. The speakers and tubes should be checked for possible and replaced if necessary).
Stereo PA system in good working order with:
1 x Shure SM58 or equivalent for voice
2 x Shure SM 57 or equivalent for the amplifiers
Digital reverb (& limiters if necessary)
Monitor for voice with reverb availability



In all cases


1 X small table
2 X Chairs, beer boxes, tables or stands to raise amplifier height (if necessary)
1 X adjustable piano stool (or low chair with no arms and four legs)
1 X solidly built guitar stand in good working order (NB NOT the kind where the guitar is hanging from the headstock—guitar must be supported below the body of the instrument)