Dear Life (for classical guitar solo) (2024)

Memorabilia (for classical guitar duo) (2023)

Truth is a Four Letter Word (opera, for counter-tenor, mezzo-soprano and large ensemble) (2022)

Which It Is (for large ensemble) (2021)

l’Envol ne finit jamais (for trumpet, 2 trombones, 2 baritone saxes and 2 bass saxes) (2021)

Failing Better (for heterogeneous ensemble) (2019)

Something about this Landscape (for large ensemble plus electric guitar) (2019)

Rags of Time (for girl’s chorus, percussion and keyboards) (2018)

Zena (clarinet, flute, piano, percussion (2), violin, viola, cello) (2017)

Coulda Woulda Shoulda (viola solo) (2016)

Calle Calle (flute, saxophone and electronics) (2016)

Episodes for Orchestra (for Amanda Miller) (Baroque orchestra) (2007/2015)

If I could (clarinet, viola, el. guitar, piano, vibraphone, mezzo-soprano) (2015)

What Happens (percussion quartet and prepared piano) (2015)

Rocket Science (cl/bcl, bassoon, va, el. guitar, percussion (2), piano/keys) (2012)


Small Time (percussion quartet) (2009)

For Nothing (contralto and Baroque string quartet) (text by Gary Snyder) (2008)

Faír (classical guitar quartet) (2008)

Water Stories (clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello) (2007)

Snakes and Ladders (cl, el. guitar, cello, piano, percussion, double bass) (2006)


Álftanes (classical guitar quartet) (2005)

Save As (cello and percussion) (2005)

Still/Urban (saxophone quartet, electric guitar, radio, ambient recordings) (2004)

The Right Angel (orchestra and electric guitar) (2003)

shading my face it shall be you (for small ensemble) (2003)

Fell (string quartet & electric guitar) (2002)

Allegory (string quartet & electric guitar) 2002

Light at the End of the Tunnel (fl, cl, a. sax, harp, piano, violin, cello (2), bass) (2001)

Landing (choir, improvising singer singer, cello, saxophone and samples) (2001)

The Big Picture (saxophone quartet with two improvising soloists) (2000)


Weatherwise or Otherwise (large ensemble) (1999)

Centre Moving Out (voice, clarinet, cello, piano, samples, & percussion) (1999)

*Traffic Continues: Gusto (large ensemble with improvising soloists) (1998)

Pop Mechanics (for Sergei Kuryokin) (Disklavier) (1997)

Back to Life (trumpet, oboe, cello, marimba) (1997)

*Impur (100 musicians, large building and mobile audience) (1996)

Tense Serenity (trombone and string trio) (1996)

Doppelganger (oboe solo) (1996)

Shortened Suite (trumpet, oboe, cello, marimba) (1996)

*Traffic Continues (large ensemble) (1996)

Seven Circles (piano solo) (1995)

*Pacifica (21 musicians with texts by Pablo Neruda) (1994)

Elegy for Elias (piano, violin & marimba) (1994)

*The Previous Evening, a tribute to John Cage (four clarinets, tapes, bass, footsteps, electric guitars, whirled objects, voice) (1994)

Freedom in Fragments (23 pieces for saxophone quartet) (1994)

Endurance (double bass solo) (1994)

Goongerah & Motormouth (electric guitar quartet) (1993)

Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire: graphic scores for any number of players (1985-95)

Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) string quartet no. 1 (1991)

Stick Figures (6 guitars and two players) (1991)

*In Memory (four guitars, four voices, four percussionists and animated film (by Pierre Hébert), with text by Sara Miles (1989)

The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not (el. guitar quartet) (1988)

*Long on Logic (sax quartet) (1988)

*Disinformation Polka (accordion solo) 1988