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Massacre was founded in 1980 in New York City by guitarist Fred Frith, bassist Bill Laswell and drummer Fred Maher as an improvising and experimental rock band. They performed live for just over a year and recorded a studio album, Killing Time (1981).


Frith and Laswell reformed Massacre in 1998 with drummer Charles Hayward, and released four more albums, Funny Valentine (1998), Meltdown (2001), Lonely Heart (2007) and Love Me Tender (2013). The last three albums were recorded live, the first in London, and the others at European festivals between 1999 and 2008.










Things we would love NOT to hear at the sound check
(all quotes guaranteed genuine!):


* „Toxic Filth played last night – they’re much better!“
* „I didn’t drop it – look at my eyes – I am not a liar!“
* „Sure I read the rider, but we don’t have that kind of equipment“.
* „Well, we were still using your rider from three years ago…“
*“ I don’t know anything about it.“
* „George (or whoever) is responsible and he’s not here.“

* „I only got the rider this afternoon“ (or yesterday).
* „You’ll have to talk to the promoter about that“ (if it’s a technician) and
„You’ll have to talk to the technician about that“ (if it’s a promoter).
* „We got you these Orange amps (or Mega-Zooms, or whatever)
because actually they’re much better amps than the ones you
asked for.“

The Fred Frith Trio began life almost by accident in 2013. A couple of low key local gigs gave rise to a European tour, a debut record on Intakt, and then another tour a couple of years later. By now the group had created an identity that seemed to revolve around memories of a bygone psychedelic era, filtered through the lens of contemporary improvisation. Whether this will remain the prevalent focus remains to be seen.


„You can’t rehearse now because there’s a dance performance
upstairs until 20.00.“

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