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More new concert dates
Upcoming shows include performances with Massacre (details to be announced shortly), The Gravity Band, Rusconi, Fred Frith Trio (touring in February 2015), Jean-Pierre Drouet and Louis Sclavis, Lau (!), Sam Dühsler and Sébastien Jeser, Babazula(!), and more. See concerts page for details.
Coming soon...
Records in preparation include duos with Lotte Anker and Barry Guy (both on Intakt) as well as duos with John Butcher and Michel Doneda. Also preparing material from The Stone week in August 2013 for possible release. Details in the next couple of months.
Massacre Love Me Tender
The new Massacre CD Love Me Tender, consisting of extracts from concerts in 1999 (Moers and Zurich) and 2008 (Ferrara) is out!! More performances to be announced soon...
COSA BRAVA: THE LETTER: now available on Intakt Records
More songs, stories, and joyful noise from FF, Carla Kilhstedt, Zeena Parkins, Shahzad Ismaily, Matthias Bossi and the Norman Conquest.
"Anyone who is searching for a masterpiece: The Letter is one"
Klaus Hübner, Westzeit
"Courageous, wild, beautiful.....funny, unorthodox, oblique, rowdy, poetic." Roland Spiegel, BR-Klassik
Contretemps etc
with Jean-Pierre Drouet and Louis Sclavis
A memorable concert recording now available on the French In Situ label.
"Ils sont libres comme une eau de spasme, indemnes de toutes les tempêtes. Guerre et paix chez eux, alarmes et fracas. Mais surtout : une improvisation qui ne ressemble à aucune autre. Un miracle?" Le Son du Grisli
"One of the best improv recordings I've ever heard" William Winant
On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder
Karen Clark, contralto + Galax Quartet
Compositions by Fred Frith, W.A. Mathieu, Robert Morris, Roy Whelden
"The meld between poet, composers and performers is as close to ideal as you are going to find today....a masterpiece..."
Classical-Modern Music Review
NOW AVAILABLE on Ninth World Records:
Long as in short, walk as in run
A new CD of duos by Annie Lewandowski (piano, preparations) and Fred Frith (electric guitar, preparations)
"Curiosity, tenderness, mischief"
From the liner notes by Ben Piekut
NOW AVAILABLE on Intakt Records
Clearing Customs
Live and studio recordings for SWR's 2007 New Jazz Meeting project, with Daniela Cattivelli, Wu Fei, Marque Gilmore, Anantha Krishnan, Tilman Müller, & Patrice Scanlon
"It is not the grand, flaunting gestures that define the quality of his music but the interaction, the listening to each other, the fine tuning of sounds."
From the liner notes by Reinhard Kager
COSA BRAVA: Ragged Atlas
with Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins, Matthias Bossi and The Norman Conquest
"Frith's ideas never stray far from joyous music making" All About Jazz, May 2010
"...reveals another form of beauty" Harry Lachner, WDR 5
"A masterpiece that draws from the contemporary musical cosmos of song, rock, folk and improvisation to create wonderfully strong-willed atmospheres."
Christoph Jaritz, Woche
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