Update Nov 2020


____Update July 2023___

New bandcamp site:

I’ve started a new bandcamp site to release archival and/or long out-of-print material:


So far:

Atmospheres (music for three films)

Lelekovice (String Quartet #1)

Four Compositions for Guitar Quartet

Nineteen spontaneous compositions for guitar solo (and one for guitar duo)


TRUTH IS A FOUR LETTER WORD duly came and went to an enthusiastic reception in France. We’re hoping to perform it some more during the 2024-25 season. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested… 


       New recordings now available:


          Hidden Danger Lets Me In

    with Evelyn Davis & Phillip Greenlief (on Clean Feed)



  Laying Demons to Rest

  with Susana Santos Silva (on Rogu’Art label)


“the long sound of unstopping life welcomed into this sweet intricate moment” Tim Hodgkinson

“darkly spirited conversation of deep introspection and cathartic exorcism; magnificent!” Squidco

“a match made in improvisational heaven” JazzTimes 


Dancing Like Dust

with Núria Andorrà (on KlangGalerie)


“an excellent collaboration with both Frith & Andorrà showing both flare and atmospheric depth” Musique Machine


Moving Parts

with Normal (Fred Frith/Sudhu Tewari)(on Foc’s’le Records)



      Something About This Landscape

A Fred composition for the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy, featuring the composer as improvising soloist (on Sub Rosa)


Coming soon:



      with gong virtuoso Karen Stackpole (on Sub Rosa)



And of course there’s Free Dirt/Dirt Free, a double CD of Skeleton Crew Live on the Klanggalerie label                                                          

Road, FF Trio with special guests Lotte Anker and Susana Santos Silva on Intakt                                                            

And three box sets of all Fred Records releases plus two records that were not reissued until now – Dropera (with Ferdinand Richard) and Helter Skelter (the Marseille opera project directed by François-Michel Pesenti), both re-mastered by Myles Boisen. There’s also the previously unreleased Inimitable, a dance project commissioned by Amanda Miller. If you buy all three boxes there’s an additional CD, of Fred’s last concert with Tom Cora in Aubervilliers in 1998 (as well as unreleased shows with Chris Cutler). Full details at ReR Megacorp: https://www.rermegacorp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?



The following lockdown projects/records are still available:

French Gigs  – re-issue of the 1981 record with Lol Coxhill on Klanggalerie, Austria [https://www.klanggalerie.com/gg353]

This or Here and That – new CD of quartet with Clara Weil (voice), Tom Malmendier (drums), and Anil Eraslan (cello) on Eux Saem, France  [https://euxsaem.bandcamp.com/album/there-or-here-and-that]

Fanfarissimo, new duo on vinyl with Chilean trumpeter Benjamin Vergara on Tour de Bras, Canada [https://tourdebras.bandcamp.com/album/fanfarrisimo]

Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down, a ten year old trio recording with Sudhu Tewari and Cenk Ergün, beautifully re-imagined and re-constructed by Cenk. [https://frith-tewari-ergun.bandcamp.com]

A mountain doesn’t know it’s tall, a new duo recording playing home-made instruments with Ikue Mori (laptop electronics). [https://www.intaktrec.ch/352-a.htm]