Selected Discography


FRELOSA (with Lotte Anker and Samuel Duehsler)
Storytelling (2017)

FRED FRITH TRIO (with Jason Hoopes and Jordan Glenn)
Road (2021) [w. special guests Lotte Anker & Susana Santos Silva]
Another Day in Fucking Paradise (2016)
Closer to the Ground (2018)

COSA BRAVA (with Matthias Bossi, Shahzad Ismaily, Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins, The Norman Conquest):
The Letter (2012)
Ragged Atlas (2010)

MASSACRE (with Bill Laswell and Charles Hayward):
Love Me Tender (2013)
Lonely Heart (2007)
Meltdown (2001)
Funny Valentine (1998)

DEATH AMBIENT (with Kato Hideki, Ikue Mori):
Drunken Forest (2007)
Synesthesia (1998)
Death Ambient (1995)

KEEP THE DOG (with Jean Derome, Charles Hayward, René Lussier, Bob Ostertag,
Zeena Parkins): That House We Lived In (2003)

FRED FRITH GUITAR QUARTET (with Nick Didkovsky, René Lussier, Mark Stewart):
Upbeat (1998)
Ayaya Moses (1997)

SKELETON CREW (with Tom Cora and Zeena Parkins):
Free Dirt (2021) (live recordings 1983-1986)
The Country of Blinds (1986)
Learn to Talk (1984)

MASSACRE (with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher):
Killing Time (1981)

ART BEARS (with Chris Cutler and Dagmar Krause):
The World As It Is Today (1981)
Winter Songs (1979)
Hopes and Fears (1978)

HENRY COW (with Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson, John Greaves, Lindsay Cooper, Dagmar Krause, Georgie Born et al):
The Complete Henry Cow Box plus Book (2019)
Western Culture (1978)
Concerts (1976)
In Praise of Learning (1975)
Unrest (1974)
Legend (1973)

Solo projects

A Day Hanging Dead between Heaven and Earth (with Hardy Fox) (1991/2018)

Prints (2002)

Cheap at Half the Price (1983)

Speechless (1981)

Gravity (1980)

Music for Dance

Field Days (2016)

Propaganda (2016)

Nowhere/Sideshow/Thin Air (2009)

The Happy End Problem (2006)

The Previous Evening (1997)

Accidental (1996)

Allies (1996)

Helter Skelter (1991)

The Technology of Tears (1987)

Special projects

Kwangsi-Quail (with Helen Mirra) (2014)

Live at Café Oto (with Christian Marclay) (2012)

As Improviser


All is Always Now (10 years live at the Stone, New York, with Laurie Anderson, Theresa Wong, Annie Lewandowski, Gyan Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Elsa Olsen Storeson, Jordan Glenn, Jason Hoopes and many more) (2019)


Fifty (Solo electric guitar) (2024)

Woodwork (solo electric guitar live in Brussels) (2019)

To Sail, to Sail (solo acoustic guitar) (2008)

Clearing (solo electric guitar) (2001)

Guitar Solos (1974)


Dancing Like Dust (with Núria Andorrà) (2023)

Laying Demons to Rest (with Susana Santos Silva) (2022)

A mountain doesn’t know it’s tall (with Ikue Mori) (2020)

You Are Here (with Hans Koch) (2017)

Hello, I Must Be Going (with Evan Parker) (2015)

The Natural Order (with John Butcher) (2014)

Edge of the Light (with Lotte Anker) (2014)

Long as in Short, Walk as in Run (with Annie Lewandowski) (2011)

Late Works (with John Zorn) (2010)

Cutter Heads (with Chris Brown) (2007)

Two Gentlemen in Verona (with Chris Cutler) (2000)

The Art of Memory (with John Zorn) (1994)

Live in Prague, Washington and Moscow (with Chris Cutler) (1990)

French Gigs (with Lol Coxhill) (1982)

TRIO and more 

Hidden Danger Lets Me In (with Evelyn Davis and Phillip Greenlief) (2023)

Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down (with Cenk Ergün and Sudhu Tewari) (2020)

Lantskap Logic (with Evelyn Davis and Phillip Greenlief) (2018)

Contretemps, etc (with Jean-Pierre Drouet and Louis Sclavis) (2011)

The Compass, Log and Lead (with Carla Kihlstedt & Stevie Wishart) (2005)

All is bright but it is not day (with Pierre Tanguay & Jean Derome) (2002)

Dearness (with Anne Bourne and John Oswald) (2002)

I dream of you jumping (with Louis Sclavis and Jean-Pierre Drouet) (2001)

Later (with Mark Dresser and Ikue Mori) (2000)

Voice of America (with Bob Ostertag and Phil Minton) (1982)

Music for Film

 Atmospheres (2023)

Eye to Ear III (2010)

Touch the Sound (2005)

Eye to Ear II (2004)

Rivers & Tides (2003)

Eye to Ear (1997)

Middle of the Moment (1995)

Step Across the Border (1990)

The Top of His Head (1989)

As Guest

Dave Douglas: Metamorphosis (with Wadada Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrille, Kris Davis,
Yasushi Nakamura, Matt Mitchell) (2017)

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates: The Fates (2014) and Folklore (2017)

Orkestrova: Ascension (with Nels Kline, Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, Carla Kihlstedt et al) (2005)

Alvin Curran: Lost Marbles (2004)

John Zorn: Xu Feng (2001)

Christian Wolff: Burdocks (2001)

Stefan Tickmeyer: The Science Project (1997)

Lars Hollmer’s Looping Home Orchestra: Live (1993)

Naked City: Absinthe (1993)

Naked City: Radio (1993)

Naked City: Grand Guignol (1992)

Naked City: Heretic (1992)

John Zorn: Naked City (1990)

Bob Ostertag: Attention Span (1990)

Heiner Goebbels: Der Mann im Fahrstuhl (1989)

Christian Marclay: More Encores (1988)

John Zorn: Hu Die (1986)

John Zorn: The Big Gundown (1984)

Material: Memory Serves (1981)

The Residents: Commercial Album (1980)

Eugene Chadbourne: 2000 Statues (1979)

Lindsay Cooper: Rags (1979)

Gavin Bryars: Squirrel & the Ricketty-Racketty Bridge (1976)

Brian Eno: Before and After Science and Music for Films (1976)

Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom (1974) and Ruth is Stranger than Richard (1976)

As Composer

Something about this Landscape (w. Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles) (2023)

The Big Picture (with Arte Quartet, Katharina Weber, Lucas Niggli) (2009)

Still/Urban (with Arte Quartet) (2009)

Back to Life (with the Callithumpian Consort, Joan Jeanrenaud, William
Winant, Daan Vandewalle) (2007)

Eleventh Hour (with Arditti Quartet) (2005)

Freedom in Fragments (Rova Sax Quartet) (2002)

Traffic Continues (with Ensemble Modern, Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori) (2000)

Pacifica (with Ensemble Eva Kant) (1998)

Helter Skelter (with Que d’la Gueule) (1992)

Long on Logic (Rova Sax Quartet) (1987)