Gerade hinsetzen. Nicht zu bequem. Jetzt vielleicht noch die Augen schließen. Bingo: You are Here
Carina Prange, Jazzpodium

a soothing force…a true feast for the ears”    Gazeta, Poland

It might be…useful, perhaps, to think of him as a folk musician who makes miniatures of the world around him using scraps torn from corners of the map.
Mark Dery (Guitar Player) (USA)

“A musical consciousness of rare intelligence backed up with an omnipresent sense of humor, Frith makes music that must count amongst the most powerful and original of the present time.”
Libération (France)

“Praktisch Brot und Butter” Tages Zeitung (Germany)

“Out here on the perimeter, there are no stars. Just the sound of space. The space of sound.”
Peter Margree, Louder than War

“The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” SBravo53, YouTube

 “Meister der Krummen Takte” Die Zeit (Germany)

“..proof-positive that free-improv discs are good for more than lease-breaking.”
East Bay Express, Oakland, CA

 “Staub. Nichts. Rätsel. Luft”      Jazz’n’More, Switzerland

“Schillender Nobody” Wochen Presse (Germany)

“Un lavoro tanto libero e strutturalmente aperto quanto minuzioso nella definizione della dinamiche e negli sviluppi espressivi”.
All about jazz Italia

“Guitar Solos is to mainstream guitar as quantum mechanics is to auto mechanics.”
Guitar Player (USA)

“Une workshop-music permanente, cassée et sensuelle, hilarante et élégaique.”
Andrea Petrini, Libération (France)

“Should be sellotaped to Derek Bailey and pushed off a cliff.”  Skelidude, YouTube

“Der Lachende Aussenseiter.”  Wochen Zeitung (Switzerland)

“Few contemporary musicians have explored as many different – and frequently overlapping – genres as Fred Frith: traditional folk, indie rock, free improv, chamber composition, po-mo retro, graphic scores, and several…that may not have a name yet.”
Art Lange, Point of Departure (USA)

“Frith’s ideas never stray far from joyous music making.”
Mark Corroto, AllAboutJazz (USA)

“One of music’s greatest improvisers.”  Glenn Astarita, EJazz News (USA)

“Even my dog can improvise like that.”  blackestcrow2004, YouTube

“a nuts and bolts way to heaven”  Downtown (USA)

“Magicien Fred? Sans doute un peu, et aussi très habile à faire se croiser les cultures, les langages, dans une démarche de création collective. C’est déjà beaucoup.”
Phillippe Méziat, Jazz Magazine (France)

“At once familiar yet like nothing you’ve heard before or since.” Peter Marsh, BBC

“An extraordinary sound source for decades, and he isn’t letting up.”John Fordham, Guardian