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What is Fred Records?

*Fred Records is an archival label for my earlier work - a place where you can be find re-issues of previously available LPs or CDs, as well as work that's never been available before concert recordings, music for dance and theater productions, installations, and whatever else seems appropriate.
So far we have released nineteen titles, with more coming soon.

*My philosophy of reissues is that they should be heard as closely as possible to the way they were intended when they were originally released.
This may involve remixing in a few cases where either the original budget or time constraints made it hard to do what I wanted, but mostly it is a question of meticulously re-mastering from the original tapes or state of the art digital transfers whenever possible. In charge of this job is my long-time friend and collaborator Myles Boisen, of the Headless Buddha Mastering Lab in Oakland.

*Fred Records works in partnership with ReR Records, UK, distributed by all the companies who work with ReR Megacorp - ReRUSA, Orkhestra, Locus Solus, Downtown Music Gallery, and so on.
CDs can be ordered either directly from ReR and their various international distributors, or from any online record retailer, or from your favorite local store. See Links page for useful web addresses.

*In addition, ReR offers special deals for subscribers, including a booklet with interviews about each set of 10 releases. For further information please visit their website.

ReR Megacorp

FRO 01 Gravity

FRO 02 Guitar Solos

FRO 03 Step Across The Border

FRO 04 Speechless

FRO 05 Cheap at Half the Price

FRO 06 Allies

FRO 07 Middle of the Moment

FRO 08/09 Skeleton Crew Learn to Talk / Country of Blinds

FRO 10 Massacre Killing Time

FRO 11 The Technology of Tears

FRO 12 Live in Japan

FRA 01 Accidental (Music for Dance Volume 3)

FRA 02 Prints

FRA 03/04 Keep The Dog: That House We Lived In

FRA 05 The Happy End Problem

FRA 06 Art of Memory II

FRA 07 Nowhere/ Slideshow/Thin Air

FRFC 1 Impur 1

FRFC 2 Impur 2





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